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Delivering your message to an eager audience deserves the highest quality sound and video broadcast feed. It is as important to be heard and seen clearly as the words you deliver.

Trust us with your important moment and allow us to broadcast your important speech, press conference, media gathering, special event or religious ceremony across various platforms. 

We focus on integrating the technical and audiovisual elements of your event into one, while ensuring that the experience and execution is seamless. 


Large live events such as conferences and weddings can sometimes become complicated when there are so many vendors working together to make the experience seamless. Our years of experience and professionalism have allowed us to work alongside these vendors, ready to pivot on a dime to create the most beautiful and high quality live stream.


We are able to both film and stream content simultaneously using our integrated video infrastructure. A great example of this is being able to show an engagement video or same-day edit both to your live audience using screens, and to your virtual audience via the stream. 

We are focused on integrating the technical and audio/visual elements of your event into one, and ensuring that the experience is seamless, avoiding the common miscommunication that happens among vendors on the day of the event.

Our team of professional technicians and engineers are inconspicuous and effective at capturing at the important elements of your event. We've also recently implemented the option of robotic and micro cameras to avoid  crowding.

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