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Hybrid press conferences in unprecedented times

During the COVID pandemic, everyone had to adapt to virtual events. An interesting sector where virtual events have always existed is politics, where Electronic News Gatherings are a regular occurrence.

I noticed a phenomenon in the last couple years, where political parties and politicians were taken advantage of by unqualified and inexperienced individuals/companies, and thus had unfortunate technical failures at their events. This is because cheap live streaming equipment became common and easily accessible, so anyone could technically stream a conference from their laptop with a very basic setup.

Even though this method can technically work, it does not account for the layers of redundancy or troubleshooting ability which can only be handled by a team of professionals with heavy experience in the field.

Press conferences and Electronic News Gatherings are almost always mission critical, and have to do with getting out an important message to the world.

At VProductions, we have invested heavily in state of the art equipment, and several layers of redundancy for all aspects of our live broadcasting. Whether its a quick political announcement or a week long press conference.

We hope to have the honor and privilege to help you on your next virtual press conference or Electronic News Gathering.

Vadim Korolitsky

CEO and technical director

VProductions inc. and VProstream.

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