Film Set
Wedding Party

VPro Stream is focused on integrating all the technical and audiovisual elements of your event into one, and ensuring that the experience is seamless. Avoiding the common miscommunication that happens among vendors on the day of the event. 

Video Camera Lens

We focus on being inconspicuous yet effective at capturing at the important elements of your event - we even have the option of robotic and micro cameras to avoid too many people crowding around the bride and groom at all times.


at weddings is something you only notice when something goes wrong. VProductions has provided live sound at thousands of weddings and we have always had to collaborate with outside videography teams who would show up last minute. There is no reason the audio in your wedding stream and film should be anything less than perfect!

Stage Lights


Integrating video and event lighting into one uniform control source. Oftentimes, individual lights are set to light the event and the video. We make sure all the lights colour temperatures are matching and never interfere with one another. 

Video Camera Lens

We are able to both film and stream content at the same time using our integrated video infrastructure. A great example of this is being able to show an engagement video or same-day edit both to your live audience using screens, and to your virtual audience via the stream. 

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