VProductions has taken a new approach to broadcasting weddings to all your family and friends. 

Streaming in HD to both social platforms such as YouTube and Facebook, but also higher quality proprietary platforms, we will create a top tier broadcast for all your virtual guests, without interfering with your live on site guests. 

Using robotic cameras and state of the art video equipment, as well as our years of experience in professional audio services, we will make your event the one that all your guests will talk about for years to come!

Using professional broadcasting software and graphics, we will transform your wedding broadcast into a classy, yet modern stream.

We are so excited to help you celebrate your big day!

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Videography vs. live broadcasting - 

A wedding videographers job is to create a film about your wedding, taking many close up shots and then editing them in post production to create a cinematic movie. 

A broadcasters job is to capture the event live from a live viewers point of view, to make sure not to miss anything important. (Similar to watching a report on TV)

We can provide our wedding videographers or you can choose to bring out your own. We will gladly collaborate with them.